Not For Kids!

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Milly loves to explore and learn. One day while using her friend’s phone, she sees images that make her feel sick. Milly was lucky to have a safe adult to help her through this experience and she now teaches children that some adult behaviours can be harmful for kids to see. Milly lets kids know that coming across these images is not their fault and she reminds them to always seek help from an adult if they see things that are not meant for kids’ eyes.

‘Not for Kids!’ is an idea tool for parents, carers and educators to teach children what to do if they are exposed to explicit content, and for parents and carers to learn how to best help their kids cope with what they’ve seen. In an era when online graphic and extreme depictions of adult behaviours are the default form of sex education, this book is a must-read with your kids!

Author: Liz Walker


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