Our Cyber Safety, Digital Wellness and Pornography Education Specialist Kayelene Kerr was one of the four judges at the 2019 Western Australian Cyber Security Awards! Kayelene joined the Hon Dr Anne Aly MP, Dr. Ian Martinus and Chris Cubbage on the judging panel. It’s fantastic to know that Kayelene is not only highly regarded in the Cyber Safety field but also the Cyber Security field.

Cyber Safety and Digital Wellness

WA Child Safety Services is a Perth based specialist provider of Cyber Safety and Digital Wellness workshops and resources. 

Children and young people are online now more than any other time in history. They can be heavily influenced by social media and their online interactions and experiences.

WA Child Safety Services is committed to educating, equiping and empowering children and young people to have safe and positive experiences within digital environments. We also support educators and parents in helping children and young people to maximise the benefits of being online, whilst helping them to manage the risks.

Our Cyber Safety workshops cover issues that currently affect children and young people, including:

  • Digital wellness
  • Protecting eyes, body and brain
  • Screen time limits
  • Managing rules, restrictions and boundaries
  • Media literacy
  • Online gaming
  • Pornography and sexualised media
  • Online grooming and catphishing
  • Youth produced sexual content, Nudes, Image Based Abuse and the Law
  • Social media and self-esteem
  • Cyberbullying
  • Digital footprint and digital reputation
  • Privacy and personal information
  • Parental controls
  • Resource and book recommendations

This comprehensive workshop is filled with up-to-date information, real world examples, practical strategies and conversation starters.

We provide Cyber Safety and Digital Wellness workshops in Perth and regional Western Australia.

Cyber Safety and Digital Wellness Parent Workshop
Workshop Cost (2.5 hours): $650.00 inc GST

Cyber Safety and Digital Wellness Professional Development Workshop
Workshop Cost (2.5 hours): $650.00 inc GST

Cyber Safety and Digital Wellness Primary School Student Workshops
Please refer to our Abuse Prevention Education for Primary Schools flyer for more information, including workshop costs.

Cyber Safety and Digital Wellness Secondary School Student Workshops
Please refer to our Abuse Prevention Education for Secondary Schools flyer for more information, including workshop costs.

Lunch & Learn Presentations – WA Water Corporation 2019 

We had the pleasure of having Kayelene Kerr present to our people at our Leederville and Balcatta Water Corporation offices all last week on Digital Wellness and Cyber Safety for Kids. Her presentations were part of our cyber awareness week and I am still receiving such positive feedback and glowing reviews from colleagues about her outstanding workshops and engaging content.

These workshops are invaluable to any parents and guardians and indeed even adults without children under their care. I was also very impressed with Kayelene’s professionalism; working hard to split a 2.5 hour workshop into two 1 hour sessions to suit the way our business works. In the Digital Wellness workshop, Kayelene informs us of the effect that screen time has on our children’s sleep, learning, development and mental health. There are some real eye opening facts, but also strategies are taught on how we can have more healthy conversations with our children about the amount of time that they spend on apps on their mobile devices, playing video games, and chatting with their friends. As a father myself, I have already implemented many of the strategies that Kayelene presented, with much success thus far.

In the Cyber Safety workshop, Kayelene allows us to explore the various apps that our children have access to, what they are for, and how they interact on them. We also learn about the threats that some of these can pose, particularly around online predators. However, it was extremely shocking to learn how easy it is for young children and adolescents to access pornography and illegal content.

One underlying key message from these workshops is that we as adults are the best role models, and children will certainly mirror our own behaviours, particularly when using devices. Kayelene presented this information extremely clearly and left many of our people simply wanting more information. There were swarms of people around her at the end of every session wanting to ask question after question, so we will definitely be bringing Kayelene back to Water Corporation soon to engage with our people again.

Over the week, Kayelene presented 5 separate times, and came back on Friday to participate in an expert panel discussion. Her professionalism during the week was second to none and she was more than willing to answer questions outside of presentation times and talk with people. Kayelene and certainly WACSS is welcome back any time at Water Corporation. You have been amazing.

Read what our clients have to say about our Cyber Safety workshops.

Cyber Safety – Parent Workshop

“Kayelene came out to our Primary School this evening to deliver a workshop on Cyber Safety. OH MY GOD! What an eye opener, even for someone as tech savvy as me. She was brilliant, the audience was captivated. There was so much chatter afterwards about how amazing it was and how gobsmacked everyone was at the dangers lurking out there. Thank you so much for an amazing presentation Kayelene, but thank you also for not just showing us the problem but also giving us solutions and tangible ways to protect our children and mitigate the risk. You are doing an amazing job. Don’t ever stop!”

“Great presentation – Every single parent, regardless of their child’s age should take this workshop. The internet is here to stay and we need to know how to keep our kids safe.”

“Brilliant. Very well presented. Needs to be aimed at school aged children in school.”

“Very interesting and informative and very eye opening. A must hear session for all child carers.”

“Invaluable! Thank you very much.”

“Thank you for this excellent workshop. I am scared but ready to start talking with the strategies. Thankyou.”

“Brilliant – Should be compulsory!!”

Cyber Safety & Digital Wellness Information and Resources

Australian Government Office of the eSafety Commissioner