Lived Experience Presentations

“From your wound is born your passion.”

Genevieve Dicks – child sexual abuse survivor

Genevieve survived years of horrific child sexual abuse and domestic violence within her family home. Her story is shocking and saddening, but also inspiring. After years of struggling with wounds left by these traumas, Genevieve has turned her pain into something powerful. Genevieve is now a Child Safety Trainer with WA Child Safety Services and dedicates her time to educating and empowering children to prevent abuse and encouraging victims to speak out.

Azelene Williams – domestic violence survivor

Azelene experienced years of physical and emotional abuse in her first relationship as a young woman growing up in South Africa. She emerged a stronger person, and now teaches young people and adults how to identify unhealthy and unsafe relationships, and how to safely break free. Her life’s ambition as a published author and activist in the field of domestic violence is to have a positive impact on today’s and future generations, and she is doing just that.

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