Parent Workshops

Despite what we have all been taught about ‘stranger danger’, the sad fact is that children are most often harmed by someone they know and trust.

As parents we obviously want to keep our kids safe from harm, but research is showing us that our latest generations of ‘bubble-wrapped’ kids are growing up with less resilience, poor problem-solving skills, and low self-reliance.

How do we protect kids from harm while also raising them to be independent and self-sufficient? As a parent or carer, it can be difficult to know where to start.

WA Child Safety Services delivers a variety of Parent Workshops to provide easy-to-understand information and practical ideas for parents and carers to build resilience and help prevent child abuse.

We offer workshops in:

  • Protective Behaviours Child Safety Program
  • Cyber Safety
  • The Impact of Pornography
  • Teen Talk Parent Workshop

Workshop Cost (2.5 hours): $500 + GST

Why not ask your school, P&C or playgroup to book a WA Child Safety Services Parent Workshop?

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