WA Child Safety Services Protective Behaviours Program

The Protective Behaviours Program is a personal safety program aiming to empower children, young people, and adults with strategies to promote safety and resilience.
The Protective Behaviours program teaches and promotes concepts of emotional intelligence, empowerment, assertiveness, problem-solving and an understanding of safety. In teaching these concepts and strategies, Protective Behaviours aims to prevent abuse, increase safety, and reduce violence.

There are ten key areas that are taught in the WA Child Safety Services Protective Behaviours program:
  1. Feelings and Theme 1, “We all have the right to feel safe at all times”.
  2. Early Warning Signs
  3. Safety Continuum
  4. Theme 2, “We can talk with someone about anything no matter what it is” and Networks
  5. Safe and Unsafe Secrets
  6. Persistence expectation
  7. Body awareness and ownership
  8. Personal space – safe and unsafe touch, social distance and consent.
  9. Assertiveness
  10. Theme and program reinforcement.
Our Protective Behaviours professional learning programs help your school to meet:

Parent Workshop
Workshop Cost (2.5 hours): $500.00 + GST

Professional Development Workshop
Workshop Cost (2.5 hours): $500.00 + GST
Workshop Cost (Full Day): $1450.00 + GST

Primary School Student Workshops
Please refer to our Abuse Prevention Education for Primary Schools flyer for more information, including workshop costs. 

Secondary School Student Workshops
Please refer to our Abuse Prevention Education for Secondary Schools flyer for more information, including workshop costs. 

WACSS Child Safety Advocate and Trainer Justine O’Malley is one of WA’s pioneers in Protective Behaviours education and served for 16 years on the board of Protective Behaviours Australia and 18 years at Protective Behaviours WA.

Justine has taught Protective Behaviours to children, young people, parents and professionals across Australia and internationally. Justine is the author of Jasmine’s Butterflies and Michael’s Bubbles, two popular Protective Behaviours storybooks and has been the editor of a number of Protective Behaviours resources, including K-7 lesson plans for the Department of Education.

Justine is pictured here with Michael’s Bubbles and Jasmine’s Butterflies Illustrator Carey Lawrence.

To purchase these and many other Protective Behaviours books and resources please visit our Online Shop. 

Read what our clients have to say about our Protective Behaviours workshops. 

Professional Development Workshop (Primary School)

“Kayelene you are a gifted presenter! Very real and energetic. Clearly passionate about what you do – keep up the amazing work and look after yourself – we need more people in the world like you! Excellent content! Very real and interactive, eye opening and informative – EVERYONE should do this!”

“Kayelene was very engaging, everyone was so interested they asked many questions. Kayelene answered questions, but was still able to cover the content. I am very inspired after listening to Kayelene talk. Kayelene’s experience in the subject really showed. Able to learn so much in an engaging and interesting environment. Interactive, lots of examples for how to apply the topics in practice.”

“Empowering for me as a Practitioner to positively influence parents to make appropriate decisions around education in Protective Behaviours for their children. Lots of info in presentation that was new to me, stats, trends etc. Excellent – Thank you for the opportunity to attend.”

“Incredibly knowledgeable presenter who gave real life strategies and techniques. She was passionate and receptive and happy to answer questions.”

“Brilliant! Best PD I’ve been to for a while! So well presented and such good info. Thank you!”

“Kayelene you are fantastic! You facilitate the protective behaviours topic at an easy to understand level. You always have examples and make it interesting! THANK YOU!!”

“Enthusiastic presenter. Excellent knowledge and skill in area that made the information relevant and interesting. Needs to be publicised, more parents, teachers, nurses, Dr’s need better knowledge and understanding of how to educate in Protective Behaviours.”

Primary School Health Nurses

Amy from WA Child Safety Services facilitated training for us on the Protective Behaviours program and we were extremely happy with the outcomes. The course covered a lot of information, delivered in concise component parts that were easy to absorb for our case work staff. The structure of Amy’s training was clear, logical, effective and well-timed. WA Child Safety Services have obviously put a lot of thought and expertise into designing it. Amy’s experience in preventative, child protective services for both Government and Non-Government agencies, was shared expertly and respectfully with staff given their skills, knowledge and experience. Importantly for our staff who work principally with children and their families the training increased their confidence, competence and comfort in guiding clients to explore the assumptions around children’s safety within their families and communities. Amy was very responsive to the team’s particular needs and we had negotiated time to talk about the implementation across our services. WA Child Safety Services’ input into the ongoing sustainability of the Protective Behaviours program, including the sourcing of resources, has been appreciated.

Wanslea Family Services

“Fantastic workshop took away lots of things to use in my professional and private life.”

Mental Health Support Worker

“Kayelene took a relatively dark topic and presented it in an enjoyable way, with lots of great strategies we’ll be able to share with our kids. “

Coordinator – Autism Association

“Amazing, inspiring, interesting, engaging and incredibly knowledgeable. So informative, useful and so incredibly relevant. Such an inspiring presenter, Kayelene Kerr. Really enjoyable to listen to. Loved all the resources and take away ideas to implement right away.“

Primary Teacher

“Excellent facilitator – very passionate and knowledgeable. Provides aa good summary of background/reasoning, as well as how to teach PB to children in an appropriate way.”

School Psychologist

Professional Development Workshop (Secondary School)

“Thank you – very informative both professionally and personally. I hope you offer this program every year for every year group to get the message home.”

“Great program and excellent that it is being brought out into the open.”

“Wonderfully information that clearly supports a clear message to support students.”

“Engaging presentation of sensitive but vital information.”

“Very informative and well presented. Wonderful that Teen Talk will start the conversation.”

Parent Workshop

“Great presentation, enthusiastic, vibrant and engaging.”

“Thank you! Shocking! but fantastic, informative and empowering.”

“Gen is an amazing facilitator, very engaging and interesting to listen to …”

“Fantastic presenter, lots of great ideas as to how to talk about things with kids.”