Parent Workshops


This workshop has been designed to help parents and carers teach their children how to safely navigate the online world. Areas covered in the workshop include:

  • An overview of the online world including current Australian statistics and trends, apps commonly used by children and young people and relevant age restrictions.
  • Specific information about online gaming, photo and video sharing, sexting/nudes, online grooming, pornography, inappropriate content and cyber bullying.
  • Information about protecting personal information online, digital footprint, digital reputation and the laws in Western Australia.
  • Information about parental controls and restrictions, balancing online time and establishing boundaries and expectations.

Cyber Safety Parent Workshop

“Great presentation – Every single parent, regardless of their childs age should take this workshop. The internet is here to stay and we need to know how to keep our kids safe.”

“Brilliant. Very well presented. Needs to be aimed at school aged children in school.”

“Very interesting and informative and very eye opening. A must hear session for all child carers.”

“Invaluable! Thank you very much.”

“Thank you for this excellent workshop. I am scared but ready to start talking with the strategies. Thankyou.”

“Brilliant – Should be compulsory!!”


Protecting children from harm is a shared responsibility for the family, the community and professionals.

The Protective Behaviours program empowers children with the right to feel safe and provides them with strategies to respond to situations where they may be feeling unsafe.

The Protective Behaviours message is delivered in a clear, simple and non-confronting way, using fun, engaging, age-appropriate activities.

 The Protective Behaviours program teaches 10 topic areas:

 Feelings and Theme 1, “We all have the right to feel safe at all times.”

  1. Early Warning Signs
  2. Safety Continuum
  3. Safe and Unsafe Secrets, and Theme 2, “We can talk with someone about anything no matter what it is”.
  4. Networks
  5. Persistence Expectation
  6. Body Awareness and Ownership
  7. Personal Space
  8. Assertiveness
  9. Theme and Program Reinforcement

Protective Behaviours Parent Workshop

“Great presentation, enthusiastic, vibrant and engaging.”

“Thank you! Shocking! but fantastic, informative and empowering.”

“Gen is an amazing facilitator, very engaging and interesting to listen to …”

“Fantastic presenter, lots of great ideas as to how to talk about things with kids.”